Effective negotiation is crucial to achieve your business goals successfully. We are skilled at this and can help you with negotiations in all aspects of your business to:

  • Ensure the best terms for new relationships, alliances and partnerships

  • Find the best approach to achieve your needs and be aware of your rights

  • Draw up clear and legally solid contracts—clarity is the best defense against conflicts in the future


While you are looking to start your own business or you already run one, but need help in managing relationships with employees or third parties, we are here to help you brainstorm all the important issues that need to be discussed before you compromise your business. Some examples of the most common business agreement we can provide for you are:

  • Business organization and compliance agreements

  • Corporation agreements

  • Buy and sell agreements

  • Contracts to buy or sell goods/services

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Consulting agreements

  • Construction agreements

  • Employment contracts

  • Non-disclosure agreements

  • Independent contract agreements


The business marketplace is a fierce arena that requires legal advice from attorneys who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of venture financing. Our firm gives you a holistic approach, from the business to the legal perspective so your company can achieve its needs.


Copyrights: We can help you register your ideas and find ways to protect them. We can also help you negotiate transactions in ways consistent with your creative rights.
Trademark Registration: After you have a brand name and design, we can:

  • Register it for you at the USPTO

  • Monitor the registration process and keep you informed of each step

  • If desired, register your brand or design internationally under the Madrid Protocol.